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I am sure you have come across the saying “we are what we eat”. During my biotransformation and detoxification Functional Medicine practices training, I was lucky enough to come upon the more detailed version stating, “We Are What We Eat, Drink, Breathe, Touch and What We Cannot Eliminate”. The realization that followed was rather profound to say the least.

Our bodies are being bombarded daily with environmental contaminants through almost literally, everything we do. From the food we eat, the pots we cook in, the air we breathe, cleaning products, cosmetic product we use, and the list goes on and on. So, it only makes sense that truly we are also what we cannot eliminate over a period of time.

In my 3-month membership program I focus on the optimization of our body’s ability to do its job and support our god given and specific detoxification pathways through different modalities and interventions. I believe in the complex machinery Mother Nature made our beautiful bodies to be, and so I only try to guide you to better understand it, and together find our way how to help enhance it and optimize this very crucial ability to detoxify and bio-transform.

I follow guidelines for detox support and optimization taught through my IFMCP certification coursework. In my personalized evaluation of your case, I will look at where and how the toxic exposure is getting into your body, what your body does with it, how it transforms it and how well it eliminates it.

Through my personalized functional nutrition and lifestyle prescription I will:

  • provide personal dietary recommendations and food plan to ensure safe detox;

  • Support and ensure regular elimination and adequate bile flow function;

  • Guide you through the amazing world of phytonutrient properties of color food groups with detox potentials and dietary antioxidant system support, just to name a few.

  • Also if applicable utilize fasting mimicking diet (FMD) principles to support detox pathways.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with the sequenced support, guidance and knowledge to teach you how to use real food, food groups and color daily as means to promote more efficient detoxifying capabilities of your body.

Top reasons why some people are more sensitive and retain more toxins are numerous and are in greater need to safely detox:

  • Exposure: whether ongoing or increased.

  • Certain nutrient deficiency.

  • High sugar low protein diets.

  • Heavy metals; Intestinal dysbiosis.

  • Stress and emotional trauma as well as variation in their genetic makeup.

  • It may also be a result of the high total body burden of toxic substances that may interact synergistically causing physiologic dysfunction that can ultimately lead to chronic illnesses in susceptible individuals.

Hence, the great importance of personalized program based upon and meeting your needs. Some might see remarkable results just by decreasing exposure to these environmental contaminants, some might require more nutritional support, or addressing issues with the gut first, and then merging slowly to healthy ability to detoxify and bio transform.

It will be a process, again, not the same for everyone, but rather a partnership collaboration that will recognize where your body is at and start from there. A process in which I hope you will gain a lifetime knowledge and awareness of the concept of daily toxic exposures, and strategies to deal with, all in order to achieve cleaner life and enjoy more profound health and wellbeing.

Biljana Sofronijoska Rece Weight Loss Centers, Nutritionists, Dietitians

Biljana Sofronijoska Rece

Weight Loss Centers, Nutritionists, Dietitians

RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Las Vegas
The Institute for Functional Medicine. Certified Practitioner.

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