Functional Nutrition & Diet Project Plans

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3 month project plan
Healthy Diet Counseling
  • ✔️No out-of-pocket costs
  • ✔️Dietitian Referral from your PCP needed. Fax to 833.376.4276.
  • ✔️ Up to 10 visits depending on your health benefits.
  • ✔️ Diagnosis to qualify for: BMI status, Diabetes, high cholesterol, family history of sudden cardiac death, family history of CVD. Please call to verify.
  • ✔️ ICD 10 code Z71.3 + secondary code
6 month project plan
Obesity Preventive Counseling
  • ✔️ No out of pocket cost if you qualify
  • ✔️ BMI status
  • ✔️ 60 minutes initial consult with a functional dietitian
  • ✔️Up to 16 visits with a dietitian/ in person or telehealth if preventive benefits are met
  • ✔️ Call back of your insurance card to verify

Need a Personalized Diet Nutrition Plan?

Because one size does not fit all. After all, personalized lifestyle and nutrition plans are the key to healthier you! Bring your diet journal for one-on-one review, nutrition assessment and functional medicine diet prescription.

Flexible Discount System

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How will I benefit from Functional Nutrition?

  • Functional nutrition has it`s roots in the idea of addressing chronic disease and imbalances by using food as medicine. Where food as medicine plays a role in this scenario, is the fact that initially, one must figure out the root cause of the imbalances, what caused it, what lights and what feeds the fire so to speak, address it and nourish the body with all the nutrients whatever they may be that the body needs to correct itself and reach it`s balance and homeostasis. Some of these nutrients might be lost, decreased, or their need has increased due to the work your body has done in order to cope with the imbalance, and or chronic disease it has been dealing with. In order words, functional nutrition likes to nourish the body and in combination with personalizing lifestyle strategies likes to nourish the mind, the soul so to speak.

The functional nutrition care process which I practice utilizes an extensive variety of intake forms, questionnaires, nutrition evaluation forms, and health history and lab results. When coordinated with my initial and follow up consultations, and utilization of your personalized dashboard which will help us monitor progress, will all play a unique role into creating a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan. Most importantly, this shall be a journey of redefining your health and well being in which you shall be an active and most important participant of the healing process.

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