Testimonial – Nina C.

Nina C

I was diagnosed with prediabetes about a year ago. My doctor left me a voice mail with instructions not to eat rice, beans, pasta and sugar and that was it. So I searched for more answers and I found dietician Biljana. She hit the spot with all the answers. First, she explained how this happened to me, the hormones and body activities, then we planned the right diet and exercise for my condition and also the right supplements since my lifestyle was about to change. I am so grateful to Mrs Billy, the whole process went smooth. She was supportive, and caring, always reachable to answer my 100s questions. And the results were amazing! I am 5’9, was 164lb. With Billy’s help, I lost over 20lb in less than 6 months. My A1C and blood sugar went down and after 1 year still 140lb. Once we got the desired results and the process continually was going in the right direction we changed the diet to something less restrictive and it’s working good as well. I can’t be more grateful to Billy and thankful that she appeared at the right time!
Amazing person and super professional! Thank you forever!!!

Biljana Sofronijoska Rece Weight Loss Centers, Nutritionists, Dietitians

Biljana Sofronijoska Rece

Registered Dietitian, Functional Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist

RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Las Vegas
The Institute for Functional Medicine. Certified Practitioner.

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