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Health Balance

Health in balance Integrative Functional Nutrition Restorative Healing for a flourishing life!

Personal Coaching

Dvelve into your strengths & use them to move from a challenging to a thriving life!

First Hand Advice

Ignoring health can’t change rapidly, but hands-on, personalized service makes it possible.

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Welcome to Project of Health

This wealth of information and experiences, fused with training, and years of practice with patients with chronic diseases in a clinical setting, has contributed to the creation of  Project of Health. The understanding about the power of food as medicine in correlation with health, chronic disease and well being, as well as a strong social factor in everything related to it, has paved the way for the need of my new endeavour to share, teach and guide you while achieving your balance in health and reaching your well being.

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Virtual Functional Nutrition Platform
Personalized Nutrition Therapeutic Plans
Verified Professionals
Virtual Functional Nutrition Platform
Personalized Nutrition Therapeutic Plans
Verified Professionals

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How It Works?

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, collaborative environment, you’ll enjoy an innovative & results-oriented culture driven by evidence based facts.

Metabolic Health

If you are tired of being focused and letting your health problems rule your life it might be the right time for you to try and take a step in a new direction

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GI Health

As a consequence of GUT deregulation, there can be a breach of the lining of the gut, localized immunological responses and activation of multiple immune pathways

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Detox Program

It will be a process, again, not the same for everyone, but rather a partnership collaboration that will recognize where your body is at, and start from there.

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Weight Loss

We work together in discovering what makes you unwell, goal setting, modifying diet choices, learning how to use food as medicine in a gentle way so it becomes

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─ What I Do

Why Choose Me

I provide personalized functional nutrition and lifestyle interventions that are evidence-based and tailored specifically to your body needs and constitution. My functional nutrition and lifestyle modification approach goal is to provide individualized perspective to nutrition therapies that will address the factors that underline chronic disease with the ultimate goal of achieving a balance between your biological body systems, optimal health and wellbeing, all the while using food as medicine.

Nutrition Strategies

I use different strategies to rev up your metabolism based upon your readiness to change as well as your unique body needs and composition. My main aim to improve healthy eating information & inner strength lies on the foundation of personalized lifestyle and dietary strategies.

Support & Motivation

My motivational strategies primarily involve helping clients. My quotes on perseverance and success to keep my client motivated.

─ About Nutrition

Start Your Body Changing With Project of Health

Intuitive Eating as a lifestyle technique takes part of my program simply because it teaches us to listen to our body cues and to have a real and good relationship with food, ourselves, our body needs, cues of fullness, hunger and satiety.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Licensed Dietitian

Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner- Functional Dietitian

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